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LinTaylor Marketing Group, Inc. is a team of creative professionals who enjoy helping businesses and organizations thrive through strategic, smart branding and creative communication. Our services include graphic design for just about anything – printed materials, signs and websites – as well as strategic and marketing development, copywriting, branding, full-service production, and more.


Our clients include physician and healthcare groups, public and private school systems, packaged goods manufacturers, national and international corporations, corporate benefits and human resources groups, and a wide range of small and medium-sized businesses, churches, and non-profit organizations.


We take a strategically-focused approach in all we do. That foundation ensures all creative and content speaks to the right audience in the right ways. So whether you’re a new business needing a complete brand package or you’ve been around awhile and need some new ideas, we’ll begin by asking a lot of questions.


Our services are many, but the ones we provide most frequently are corporate/new business startup branding packages, brochures, logos, displays and exhibits, marketing campaigns, website and content development, search engine optimization, event marketing/promotions, and product packaging

If you’re looking for something new and different – without the hard sell – look to LinTaylor Marketing Group, Inc.